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Captain's Restaurant is one of the leading Sea Food & Oriental restaurants in Aqaba and is one of the few remaining vestiges of its type. Its location in the Alnahda street Hotels Area or the hart of the town of Aqaba . As the concept of a Uniqe restaurant developed, the owners and the Founder Captain Abdulfttah Suleiman, considered renovating the old place they had come across. A collective decision was made to keep the original features and to preserve its heritage and style. The restaurant has a seating capacity of 170 people, . It specializes in genuine Oriental cuisine, offering an wide-ranging menu topped with exceptional service.

Over the years, Captain's Restaurant has enjoyed a large clientele base, consisting of several prominent and famous figures, ranging from politicians, writers to actors and performers.

Summer nights at Captain's Restaurant are accommodated outdoors.

Captain's Restaurant is part of Captain's Tourist Services, a Jordanian holding company operating in multi-service hospitality management. Since its inception, (the acquisition and redevelopment of what is now a world-class boutique hotel, The company has expanded its reach and core business to encompass , cafés and offering international cuisines, a catering service, and a desert Camping services , in Jordan Captain's Tourist Services company has become renowned for its dedication, innovation, trend setting and provision of the highest standards in the hospitality sector.

Captain’s Restaurant offers:

1. Outdoor catering
2. Special event catering
3. Groups catering
4. Function spaces
5. Private dinner parties
6. Special table setups
7. Delivery service (for special events)

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