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A journey Wadi Rum is a journey to another world, a vast silent place, timeless and starkly beautiful Wadi Rum is one of Jordan's main tourist attraction being the most stunning desert landscape in the world, laying 320 km southwest of Amman 120km south Petra and only 60km north of Aqaba.

To fully enjoy the adventure of the desert Captain's provides several camp sites with authentic Bedouin goat hair tents providing different views of Wadi Rum.   The visitor can choose to occupy any of the following locations:

1.     Captain's Main Desert Camp
This camp has unique large Bedouin tents divided into compartments for easy lodging. Centrally located close to the Disi , Area outside the reserve.

2.    Captain's ECO Desert Camp
This camp is located within the Wadi Rum reserve desert near Um Infous Mountain. Visitors will live the authentic Bedouin life in small Bedouin goat haired tents that have both a room and a seating area as is typical for Bedouin. A Bedouin family lives on the camp site to support visitors in addition to the Campsite staff.  

3.    Captain's private Desert Camp
Upon request Captain's camps have facilities to set up campsites on special locations inside the Wadi Rum reserve, utilizing the special goat hair tents. This may be used for special gala diners or upon the request of the tour operator. (Advance notice is required)


The Captain's Desert Camp provides a visitor with the luxury of sleeping in goat's hair tents while enjoying Bedouin food with the Captain's open lunch and dinner buffets.  The Desert Camp provides a varied number of services:

  • Private events and functions
  • Special Bedouin Meals (Zarb)
  • Camel and horse tours
  • hiking trips arrangements
  • Petra visit arrangements
  • Transportations from and to other locations in Jordan
  • Hot air Balloon
  • 4*4 jeep tours
  • On-site cooking

Captain's Desert Camp is not liable for any circumstances/accident that might happen for Camel Tours & Jeep Tours services.

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